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Click on the artist's name to hear from the artist and see their design.
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Path of Pyramids & Yarn Bomb

March 12 - May 21
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#1 - Alexandra Slezak, "Mirage"
#2 - Marta Lopez Teigeiro, "Hope, Joy and Harvest"
 - Jessica Muñiz-Witmer, "Wonders of Wheaton"
#4 - Maria Luisa Benavides, "United by Art"
#5 -
Angela Davidson, "Wear a Mask"
#6 - Sally McAllister, "Moon Dance"
#7 - Rachel Ann Cross, "Water is Life
Click on the triangle to see the artwork and hear from the artist

The WAP Path of Pyramids is back by popular demand. Why pyramids? Wheaton is formed by the intersection of three state highways, creating what is known as the Wheaton Triangle. The annual parade is called “Parade the Triangle” and the shape has been featured on many of the annual parade's posters. When the COVID pandemic prevented the Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival in 2020, WAP brought triangles in three dimensions to the streets and sidewalks of Wheaton where they could be appreciated safely.

Thanks to support from the Maryland State Arts Council and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, 5 new tetrahedrons with 8 ft edges were commissioned. They join 2 from 2020 to create an art walk, a "Path of Pyramids," around the grounds of the Sandy Spring Museum.


The sign on each pyramid has a QR code that will link your mobile device to a recording by the artist telling you a little bit about their background and their pyramid design. You also can can click on the yellow triangles on the map above to hear the artists and see images of the three faces of their pyramids.

The Yarn Bomb was conceived in 2019 by Felisa Federman and Edith Salazar to involve Wheaton’s Spanish-speaking community to crochet decorations to string around lampposts and railings along the Wheaton Arts Parade route and around the festival plaza. The Yarn Bomb has become an integral part of the annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival and an important creative gathering for Wheaton area women and residents of all backgrounds. The crocheting takes place throughout the year at workshops in the WAP Gallery, the Wheaton Library, the Wheaton Town Plaza, in parks, at community events and on Zoom. There will be a crochet workshop this May at the Sandy Spring Museum. Look for details soon on our home page.


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