Yarn Bomb

Lead artists: Felisa Federman and Edith Salazar. Team Members not in photo: Jamie Downs, Magda Franco, Marcia Gogg, Sofia Hart, Silvia Kreidel, Megan Lewis, Tina Marie McMahon, Francisca Oviedo, Margaret Rifkin, Nur Sagmanli, Mary Stickles, Ninette Villazom.

Español - Federman & Salazar
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English - Salazar & Federman
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Conceived in 2019 by Wheaton Area Latina Artists and led by Felisa Federman and Edith Salazar, the Yarn Bomb aimed to involve Wheaton’s Spanish-speaking community to crochet decorations to string around trees and lampposts along the Wheaton Arts Parade route. The Yarn Bomb was such a success that it has become part of the annual Wheaton Arts Parade. It fulfills the WAP mission to bring the community together with art and has become an important creative gathering for Wheaton area women. The crocheting takes place throughout the year at the WAP Art Factory, the WAP Gallery, in shopping centers, in parks and at community events. In 2020 the Yarn Bomb decorated lampposts in front of restaurants for the Taste of Wheaton. When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to upend the Yarn Bomb's plans for 2020, the team moved their workshops on-line with Zoom and a Facebook group. From  June-September the Yarn Bomb decorates tress around the visitor center at Brookside Gardens while it hosts the WAP Path of Pyramids.  Yarn Bomb workshops will be held on Saturdays throughout the summer.