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Fund$ for Floats

The Wheaton Arts Parade will award as many as three grants of up to $400 each for the creation of floats for the 2022 Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival.
Deadline: Rolling. Applications will be reviewed as they are received until midnight on August 26, 2022. There is an advantage to applying early because funds may be exhausted by the deadline. The sooner you apply the sooner you can start work on your float.
Open to all residents of Montgomery County, MD. Preference will be given to proposals that involve groups such as schools, community organizations and arts groups, so involve your friends and neighbors. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. (Artists under 18 years of age may enter if sponsored by an adult.)

Technical requirements:
There are no limits to the kinds of art that can be in the parade as long as it is "hand made" and is “people-powered.” Motorized vehicle are NOT permitted. The content of parade art is as unlimited as the imagination of the artist, but artists should keep in mind that the spectators will include families and children. 
In making a float there are three important considerations: scale, mobility, and stability. The parade is outdoors and spectators cannot get a close look at artwork from the sidewalk. Therefore, the scale of artwork needs to be large enough to be to be seen and appreciated.  Your float needs to be light enough to be carried or able to be moved on some kind of wheeled platform. It needs to be structurally sound enough to survive a half-mile walk and the bumps in the road, gusts of wind, and the shaking by people moving it. Artists need to make sure there are enough people on hand to get the art safely to the end of the parade. The more the merrier. At the end of the parade, floats will be displayed at the festival and a number of floats will be selected for display at Westfield Wheaton.
Selection Criteria:
  1. The scale of the artwork. It must large enough to be appreciated from a distance along the parade route.
  2. The feasibility of the design, including plans for moving the artwork along the parade route.
  3. The cost of materials and labor. Preference will be given to proposals with minimal labor costs and to proposals that leverage additional sources of funding.
  4. Artistic quality, including: creativity, originality, and dramatic visual effect.
Construction Timetable:
  1. Floats must be completed by September 21, 2022.
Award of funds
  1. Two-thirds will be awarded at the time of selection.
  2. One-third will be awarded upon completion.
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