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Due to high demand, we cannot hold your tent reservation unless you have paid for it.
Food Vendors

Parade participants are encouraged to visit restaurants and shops along the parade route and around the festival, but a limited number of food vendors will be permitted to set up sales in the Food Court. There is a $200 fee for tents. Electrical power is provided. The tables in the dining area of the Food Court also will be tented. Register here and make your payment and parade organizers will contact you about your specific requirements and permits required by the county.



Tents (10'x10'), tables & chairs are available in the Festival area for artists, arts groups and community organizations to display and sell art, distribute materials, advertise upcoming events and recruit members. Sponsors can display art or host art making activities. To help defray the cost of renting tents and tables the fee is:

$75 for artists in the parade

$125 for artists not in the parade

$100 for community groups in the parade

$150 for community groups not in parade

Tents may be shared.


Whether you are an artist, community organization, resident or business use the registration form to reserve your place in the parade or to request time to perform on the festival stages. You may register as an individual or as a group.

Participation in the parade is free.