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Click here for more information about the event and see the FAQs for guidelines on the kinds of art that can be in the parade and for sale at the festival.


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All you need is to make or bring some art and carry it, pull it, push it, wear it, or perform it. Art is a painting, sculpture, mask, puppet, costume, dance, song, a drum beat, whatever. You can walk alone or as a group -- as a family and neighbors, as a community organization, as a school or business. The most important thing is to have fun. Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Please use the registration form to reserve your place in the parade. The deadline for paraders to be listed in the program is September 1, 2024.

Participation in the parade is free.


The Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival is a chance for local performers, amateurs and professionals alike, to strut their stuff. Musicians, dancers, and performers can entertain while walking in the parade or on one of the festival stages. If you want to perform, just register and tell us what you would like to do. Entertainment is free to the public and performers are not paid, except for those who are paid directly by festival sponsors, but your performance is a gift to the community and will be publicized on our website and in the printed program. Performers are given a substantial discount on tented exhibit space.

The deadline for performers to register is July 31, 2024.


We rely upon donations and grants to produce the annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival Please help us bring our community together with art and show your support for local artists by making a donation today.  A donor of $200 or more, will be recognized as a "Sponsor" on our website and on printed materials for the annual parade & festival. Please click here for details on how sponsors are recognized.

Art Vendors & Exhibitors

Tented exhibit spaces (approximately 10'x10') with a table, 2 chairs and signage are available for a fee to artists, arts groups, community organizations, and sponsors to display and sell original hand made art, distribute materials, advertise upcoming events and recruit members. There are a limited number of tent spaces available. Selection of exhibitors will be guided by WAP's aim to present a diverse collection of art mediums and styles with priority for local artists.To help defray the rental costs, the festival space fee is:

* $250 for an individual artist or exhibitor ($50 discount for those walking in the parade)

* $150 each for 2 artists/exhibitors sharing space ($25 discount each for those walking in the parade)

* $350 for an arts/community organizations ($50 discount for groups walking in the parade)

* $150 for a performer on one of the festival stages

* $100 for a performer also walking in the parade

* $250 for a group performing on one of the stages

* $200 for a group performing and walking in the parade

The deadline to apply for exhibit space is June 30, 2024.

Food & Beverage Sales

There are 8 tented spaces available for a limited number of vendors to sell food and beverages in the Food Corner. We also have space available in the 15'x30' Pub Tent. There is a $350 fee for tented spaces. 2 tables, 2 chairs, signage and electrical power are included. Food vendors should use this link to register and event organizers will contact them about their specific requirements and permits required by the county.

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