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OCTOBER 15, 2023 10am - 5pm 



THIS GUIDANCE IS FOR EXHIBITORS. Paraders, please click here for your instructions. Performers, please click here for your instructions. 


Points of Contact:


WAP ED: Dan Thompson ,, 301-949-3727

Art Vendors/Exhibitors: Paige Friedeman,, 301-275-6203


General Information


  • Event is  “RAIN OR SHINE.”  Please check the forecast and dress accordingly. Wear sunblock. If there is a threat of showers, please bring rain gear. In case of severe weather, the decision to cancel will be made around 6am on the morning of October 15 and will be posted on the WAP website, Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter. 


  • DROP-OFF routes for paraders and exhibitors. See map on page 2. Exhibitors are assigned staggered arrival times. See exhibitors section below.


  • VEHICLE ACCESS to the FESTIVAL AREA is ONLY FROM VEIRS MILL RD and ONLY DURING ASSIGNED TIMES. Exhibitors and vendors will receive color-coded window passes with an assigned 20 minute time slot. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE FESTIVAL AREA AFTER 8:45AM AND ALL VEHICLES  MUST EXIT BEFORE 9AM.


  • PARKING: Closest Parking is 1) underground Garage 13 on Grandview Ave; and 2) WMATA garage on Veirs Mill Rd (enter next to Wendy’s.) There is NO ACCESS TO GARAGE 13 between 9am-11:30am (during the parade.) After 11:30 AM, Garage 13 can be accessed from the North (via Ennalls Ave or University Ave.) Exhibitors on Reedie Dr will have an easier load-out if they park in the WMATA garage.


  • LATE ARRIVALS: If you miss your assigned time you should park and walk your items to your assigned space. See map for parking options. THERE IS NO VEHICLE ACCESS TO FESTIVAL AREA AFTER 8:30. Late check-in is at the WAP Info Tent.

  • RESTROOMS: Portable toilets are located at both sides of the food corner and at the parade assembly area. Public restrooms in the county office building are accessible from Grandview Ave.

2023 Exhibitor Load-in Routes.jpg



CHECK-IN: Stop at the Check-in table on Veirs Mill Rd and Reedie Dr just above the Metro Bus Bays. Show your festival pass that was emailed to you with your assigned arrival time slot.. If you arrive at your designated time slot, the barricade will be opened so you can enter onto Grandview Ave or Reedie Dr. (See map.) Drive up your assigned street and park next to your tent space or behind the vehicle in front of you. One-way traffic only. STAY TO THE RIGHT. DO NOT DOUBLE PARK.  Allow enough space for cars to pass on your left. EXIT AS SOON AS YOU HAVE UNLOADED. Come back to set up AFTER YOU PARK.


Volunteers can help you unload and find your spot but they can’t watch your stuff while you park. We cannot be responsible for any items left unattended. Move your car out of the festival area when your assigned time expires.


All exhibit spaces must be set up by 9:45 AM and staffed from 10AM until 5PM. Tear-down must not begin before 5PM. If you have any questions about what may be exhibited or sold, please see the FAQs. Exhibitors may only share their tent with an artist who has registered and who has their name on the tent sign.


Festival Exhibit Space Specs: Exhibitors are provided a 10x10 tented area with one 6’ table and 2 chairs, plus signage.  You must use the tent provided and cannot use your own. The tents are erected in marquee style, e.g., 10x20, 10x30, 10x40, etc., to fit into the festival area. (See Festival Map.)  There may not be tent poles between every space. There are crossbars at the front and back of each space. End spaces have cross bars on 3 sides. Take this into consideration when planning your display.

  • You may bring easels, tables, standing screens, and other displays as you see fit to display your work within your allotted space. MAKE SURE YOUR ITEMS ARE SECURED TO SOMETHING AND WEIGHTED AS NEEDED. Wind can be the enemy of vending lightweight or breakable items. 

  • No power will be provided to the artists’ exhibit spaces (only to food vendors and stages)

  • There will be a sign on your tent with the name you requested and your tent number will be chalked on the ground

  • Keep your area clean. Please use the trash and recycling bins distributed throughout the Festival Area. 

  • Exhibitors may not sell edible items and may not add pay-for activities that were not pre-approved because they may conflict with the free services the event is providing. 

  • Exhibitors are fully responsible for their own sales transactions and sales tax


PARADING TOO? - Exhibitors who are walking in the parade should be at the parade assembly area by 9:30AM. You will need to ensure you have someone designated to staff your tent space while you walk in the parade.  Wheaton Arts Parade cannot be responsible for watching your spaces or items.

Festival Map 10-2 Tent assignments.png
Break-Down Exhibit and Exit: Do not begin break-down until 5pm. Your quickest exit may be to take your items back to your parked car. Tents will begin being dismantled at 5:30-6:00 starting with the large tents and stages, so please be out of the exhibit area ASAP.
2023 Exhibitor Load-out Routes.jpg
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