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Wheaton is walking for art. 

V-Fest Schedule

Every September since 2017, the Wheaton Arts Parade has brought the community together with art and celebrated our diverse cultures. Artists, schools, community groups, and neighbors pushed, pulled, carried, wore and performed their art as the parade marched up Georgia Ave and around the Wheaton Triangle to a community arts festival. This year, COVID-19 has forced us to make a few changes. Large public gatherings are not possible, but WAP WILL STILL BRING ART TO THE STREETS OF WHEATON where the public can walk to it and admire it any time of day or night during a two week installation from September 20 - October 4.

WAP is installing ten 4ft and three 8ft tetrahedrons (pyramids) around the Wheaton Urban District, from the Westfield Mall to the new Marian Fryer Plaza to the Wheaton Library/Recreation Center. More than 45 local artists competed for 11 commissions to paint or sculpt their original work. Families participating in this year's community mosaic project created a tribute to their Salvadoran heritage on one of the tetrahedrons and WAP partnered with One Montgomery Green (OMG) to create assemblage art on one of the tetrahedrons using non-recylcable #6 plastics. Once again, WAP artists have worked with the women of Wheaton to create a Yarn Bomb. Their crocheted colorful designs are hanging from the lamp posts and create a path to the pyramids.

Throughout the two week Wheaton Triangle Installation, WAP is celebrating with a Virtual Festival.  The WAP VFest features performances by local students, artists and arts organizations including Strathmore, Adventure Theatre, The Puppet Company, Story Tapestries, Community Bridges, AGT Contender Kelvin Dukes, Wheaton Film Festival, a “Wheaton All-Stars” collection of musicians, and more. Click on the button above for the schedule of performances.

Click on the button above to see the location of the pyramids and to hear a podcast from each artist describing their vision for their artwork and their creative process. Share your experience on Social Media #WAP2020.

Tetras in Transit

Yarn Bomb 2020

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