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JUNE 12 - AUGUST 28, 2023
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Click on the artist's name to see an image of their pyramid and hear about their design
#1 - "Mirage" by Alexandra Slezak,
#2 - "Hope, Joy and Harvest" by Marta Lopez Teigeiro
#3 - "Wonders of Wheaton" by Jessica Muñiz-Witmer
#4 - "United by Art" by Maria Luisa Benavides
#5 - "Wear a Mask" by Angela Davidson

#6 - "Moon Dance" by Sally McAllister,
#7 - "Water is Life" by Rachel Ann Cross

#8 - "El Salvador Memory" by Edwin Salmeron & Allyson Sanchez
#9 - "Butterfly Rebirth" by Laura-Leigh Palmer
#10 - "Look Within, Look Around, Look Up" by Emily Yeagley
#11 - "The Lunatics" by Sandra Perez-Ramos

The Wheaton Arts Parade (WAP) Pyramids Art Exhibition is back by popular demand!

Thanks to support from the Maryland State Arts Council and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, five new tetrahedrons with eight-foot edges were commissioned in 2022. They join six pyramids from 2020 to create an art walk through the beautiful landscapes of Brookside Gardens.


Why pyramids? The heart of Wheaton, known as “The Triangle,” is formed by the intersection of Veirs Mill Road, University Boulevard, and Georgia Avenue, and is the site of the annual Wheaton Arts Parade,“Parade the Triangle.” When the 2020 Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival was canceled due to the COVID pandemic, WAP quickly pivoted to a new format: placing the pyramids on the streets and sidewalks of Wheaton for a safe viewing experience. The pyramids have become an anticipated feature of Wheaton’s public art scene.

Each pyramid is constructed of four triangular panels conjoined in a three-dimensional form — a tetrahedron. The panels depict places in the memories and imaginations of the artists, many who have their roots in Spain, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico and represent the cultural diversity of our community.

A QR code at each pyramid will link your mobile device to the artist’s recording regarding their design. Please post and tag your photos @wheatonartsparade @montgomeryparks #pathofpyramids.


Enjoy your walk through Brookside Gardens and drop in on upcoming art-making activity “pop-ups” at Brookside Gardens’ South Terrace, outside the Visitor Center.

Yarn-bombing – Saturday, July 8 | 10 am – 12 pm
Join the Wheaton Arts Parade Yarn-bomb group for a free lesson in crochet and knitting. You are welcome to donate acrylic yarns to be used in future art installations or bring finished yarn designs to donate.

Guided Tour - Saturday, August 12 | 9 – 10 am
Meet artists and exhibit organizers for a guided walk through the Gardens to learn more about the creative process to plan, design, and create these striking pieces of public art.


Arts and crafts - Saturday, August 12 | 10 am – 12 pm
Join the Wheaton Arts Parade artists in a nature-inspired art activity and chalk art in the Garden!

Scavenger Hunt for Families
What can you find on the Pyramids and in the Gardens? Slow down and sharpen your observation skills with a scavenger hunt. Pick up an activity sheet and crayons at the Information Desk in the Visitor Center and draw what you see!

The Lunatics
Hope, Joy and Harvest
Butterfly Rebirth
Look Within, Look Around, Look Within
Water is Life
El Salvador Memory
United by Art
Wonders of Wheaton
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