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Wheaton Gateway Public Art Installation


To celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of the Wheaton community and to create a new vehicle for social connection during a time of social distancing, the Wheaton Gateway Project Team, in collaboration with the Wheaton Arts Parade, is launching a banner/mural project at the prominent corner of University Boulevard and Viers Mills Road. (11250 Veirs Mill Road, Wheaton, MD 20902. See diagram below). The Wheaton Gateway Project Team consists of the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County (HOC), Duffie Companies and Willco.
  • Murals and banner designs must interpret the theme: "Connection as a Cornerstone to a Strong Community"
  • The artwork must be original. Artwork that is encumbered by a copyright will not be accepted. Artists may incorporate their previously created artwork in their designs.
  • Designs may include text.
  • Advertising, branding, or commercial images or messages are NOT permitted. Images and/or text that Wheaton Gateway deems offensive to the community will not be accepted. 
  • Artists may work in any medium, but design applications must be submitted as jpeg or PDF files. Selected artists must follow technical specifications in creating their final artwork.
  • Artists/designers will be selected and commissioned and paid by HOC at 11250 Veirs Mills Road, LLC (“Wheaton Gateway”). Artists/designers must sign a commission agreement and license their artwork to Wheaton Gateway. The final product will belong to Wheaton Gateway but copyright will remain with the artist/designer.
  • Wheaton Arts Parade is managing the application process and will jury the submissions and provide Wheaton Gateway with the design finalists from which the winners will be selected.   
  • Wheaton Gateway will determine the specific placement of the artwork at the site. 
  • If images of real people are included and not in the public domain, the artist must obtain a release from these people for the images to be used. The artist must obtain all releases necessary for use of text or poetry that is not owned by the artist.
  • Wheaton Gateway reserves the right to refrain from installing or to remove the artwork at any time at their sole discretion.
Mural Specifications:
Three commissions will be awarded to paint murals on a plywood wall to be constructed closest to the intersection. Two murals will be approximately 50 ft wide x 6 ft high. One mural will be 60 ft wide x 6 ft high. (see diagram below) 
Approved Medium: Acrylic, water-resistant paints finished with appropriate or approved Acrylic Varnish or Sealant. 
Commission: $1,200. The commission includes supplies.
Project schedule:
Application deadline: March 26
Artists selected: April 2
Final designs approved and on-site work begins: April 9
Mural completed: April 30
Banners Specifications:
Four commissions will be awarded to design 15 ft x 5 ft vinyl banners to be installed on chain link fencing. 
Banner artwork may be repeated along the fencing and may include other graphics, information about the artists and other wording approved by Wheaton Gateway. 
Approved Digital File requirements: images should be 100-150-dpi at final size. See link below for specific file formats:
Commission: $350
Project schedule:
Application deadline: March 26
Artists selected: April 2
Final designs approved and submitted to printer: April 9
Banners installed (by Gateway): April 23
  • All professional visual artists over the age of 18 and based in Montgomery County, MD are eligible. Artists must reside or have studio space in Montgomery County & provide proof of address. 
  • Previous experience with murals or public art is not required but preference will be given to artists who can demonstrate their ability to complete a professional quality installation on schedule. 
  • Personal liability insurance for mural applicants is strongly encouraged, but is not required or provided by Wheaton Gateway or Wheaton Arts Parade.
  • The application deadline is March 26, 2021, 11:59PM
  • There is no fee to apply.
  • Artists may submit up to two (2) designs. A separate application is required for each design. Note that Wheaton Gateway aims to involve as many artists as possible in the project, therefore the preference is to award only one commission per artist.
  • All applications shall be made through the Wheaton Arts Parade provided link.
  • Questions about the application should be directed to, subject: Wheaton Gateway Public Art
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