Call to Artists

Wheaton Arts Parade 2020

The COVID-19 health crisis prevents WAP from producing its annual art parade and festival. But WAP will still bring art to the streets of Wheaton. Instead of art being paraded as originally planned, art will be installed at various locations around Wheaton and the public will walk around the A&E District to see it. There will be a printed and web based program with a map of the locations and information about each piece of art and the artist who made it. WAP hopes that this will allow Wheaton to continue to “parade” the triangle, the area formed by the intersection of Georgia Avenue, Veirs Mill Rd., and University Boulevard, even more so because the artwork for the 2020 event will be created on triangles.


WAP plans to install 39 panels of artwork by local artists and students. Thirty 4 -ft wide panels and nine 8-ft wide panels will be assembled into 13 large tetrahedrons and installed around the Wheaton Urban District, from the Westfield Wheaton Mall to the new town plaza to the Library and Recreation Center. The tetrahedron is a four sided pyramid of equilateral triangles and was featured on last year’s poster.


The tetrahedrons will be constructed of half-inch plywood faces on three sides that will be attached to a base made of two by fours that will be weighted and cabled to a stationary object like a lamppost, sign or parking meter to prevent it from being removed. The plywood faces will be primed with white acrylic paint. The precise location for each tetrahedron will be determined in consultation with the Wheaton Urban District. 

Call to Artists

Montgomery County, Maryland artists and residents are invited to submit their proposals to paint or sculpt one of the 13 “Wheaton Triangles” (tetrahedrons.) Residents do not have to be a professional artist to apply. The artwork must be made of waterproof material and able to withstand the elements. WAP is especially interested in receiving proposals from the area’s Spanish-speaking, Asian, Native American, and African-American communities.


Budget and Commission

Artists selected to create one of the “Wheaton Triangles” will receive up to $100 for supplies and a $300 commission for the tetrahedrons with a 4 ft base and up to $200 for supplies and a $600 commission for one of the three larger tetrahedrons with an 8 ft base.


Deadlines and Project Timetable 

June 28 - call to artits

July 27 - deadline for artists‘ proposals

July 31 - announce winning proposals

August 1 - deliver tetrahedrons to artists

August 1-September 11 - artists create

September 12-16 - collect tetrahedrons from artists

September 17-19 - install tetrahedrons

September 20 - ceremonial walk to each installation and VIP remarks at plaza


Application Process

Applicants should submit a simple proposal that describes the artwork they will create including a color sketch and the kind of materials they plan to use. All artwork must be original and not subject to any copyright. Artists may reproduce images of their existing work or create a new piece. A rough estimate of the supplies needed and their approximate cost is required. Applicants are encouraged to use the web-based application form but entrees also will be accepted by email to


Selection Criteria

The three selection criteria are creativity, site appropriateness, and durability. While artistic quality is very important, designs will be reviewed for durability, safety and appropriateness to the site. Artwork must be structurally sound and able to withstand an outdoor environment in a largely unsupervised area that is not protected from weather or curious viewers. The work must be able to withstand the local climate that can be hot and humid with intense sun and seasonal rains and winds. Avoiding potential problems such as deteriorating rust and fading should be considered. Applicants should specify whether they prefer to create a 4 ft or 8 ft tetrahedron and the selection panel will determine which designs will be used on the larger tetrahedrons. 


Selection Panel

The selection panel will consist of 3 past or present artists from the WAP Gallery, the WAP Executive Director, and a representative from the Wheaton Urban District. Panelists and panelists’ family members may not apply.


Exhibition and Ownership

The exhibition will commence on September 20, 2020. The artwork will be on display for two weeks in downtown Wheaton before being exhibited at the Westfield Wheaton Mall. The commissioned tetrahedron artwork is the property of WAP. If WAP sells the artwork at any time, the artist will receive one half of the proceeds. Any income that WAP may realize from sales of tetrahedron artwork will be used to cover the costs of its annual parade and festival. Unsold artwork will be exhibited or stored.


Waiver and Insurance

Participants must sign a waiver releasing WAP and its sponsors from any liability for injury or property damage while they are making their artwork. The artwork itself will not be insured for loss or damage.


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Dan Thompson by email at

Wheaton Arts Parade is supported in part with funds from

the Montgomery County Government and the

Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County

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