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7th Annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival
Sunday, October 15, 2023
The theme for the 2023 parade is "Art to Action."
Before we can make our world a better place, we need a vision of the future that inspires us to act. Give us your vision, your call to action in a float or parade art. And if you just want to make something beautiful, bring it!
It will inspire us to want more beauty in our world.

Video by MMCTV Raychyl Segovia

What is Wheaton Arts Parade?
  • WAP produces the annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival
  • WAP is an art gallery
  • WAP commissions public art & floats
  • WAP conducts art workshops
  • WAP supports the Yarn Bomb
  • WAP is an artists' network
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Our Mission is to

  • Bring the Wheaton community together with art,

  • Showcase local artists,

  • Celebrate Wheaton‘s diverse cultures, and

  • Help Wheaton realize its potential as an Arts & Entertainment District.

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